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Cutting Costs

By Jessica Lee

It is a common practice for many people to cut the fat off of their meat before cooking it. In the same way, when running a restaurant, it is essential to cut the “fat” off of whatever is holding your business back from making higher profits. In other words, slashing the costs of whatever is not necessary is important to the financial health of your establishment.

The costs of running a restaurant are usually split up into purchasing raw ingredients (food), labour and rent.

Typically, the expenses are split up with a third of the money going into hiring labour, a third going into the food, and the rest goes towards everything else, including rent.

George Brown Courses

By Hina Jasim

James Carnevale, a former graduate of the Food and Beverage Management program at George Brown, credits his success to the program.

“George Brown taught me how to serve and read people,” Carnevale said. “It taught how to deal with my employees and customers.”

Running a restaurant is something that requires loads of education and experience. What’s the starting point to be a restaurateur? People need to think about how they would start in the restaurant business and the answer firstly is education. For example, George Brown College has a Food and Beverage Management program and Centennial College has a Restaurant Management program. Both these programs teach students how to start in the restaurant business and work their way up to become a restaurateur.

Menu Psychology

By Jessica Lee

The menu is the most important advertising for your restaurant, says hospitality Georgia State University professor Dave Pavesic. Yet, there are many restaurants out there that don’t put much thought into creating their menus, he says.

“The menu is designed to help the guest decide what to order. When you strategically place menu items on the menu, you will sell more of them than if you placed them randomly,” says Pavesic, who has more than 35 years of teaching experience in Hospitality.

What Pavesic is talking about is Menu Psychology: using research and psychological tactics to influence the customer to buy a particular item, or buy more items.

So where do you start?

Psychology of Business

By Kaitlynn Ford

Marketing is the best way a restaurateur can distinguish their eatery from its competitors. At the very least, they should know their target demographic, the image they want to project and the avenues and types of media they plan to use for advertising.

Pantelly Damoulianos, the vice-president of Dine.TO says online presence is increasingly becoming important.

“There are so many other websites out there and if their brand is not portrayed in the right way, it could harm their business,” he said.

Restaurateurs can differentiate themselves from the competition by appealing to quality and price, functionality or design, sales promotion and advertising, availability, and location.


By Kaitlynn Ford

With turnover rates such as those found by the CRFA and the negative impact of employee loss, it’s no wonder finding qualified staff – and keeping them – is a leading concern in the restaurant industry.

According to a 2009 survey of 20 national and regional foodservice chains by the Canadian Restaurant and Food Association, “The average annual turnover rate for an hourly paid employee is 104.8 per cent at a quick-service restaurant and 62.5 per cent at a casual/family dining restaurant.”

Bliss Associates says that the cost and “impact of employee turnover can be grouped into four major categories: 1) costs due to a person leaving, 2) hiring costs, 3) training costs, and 4) lost productivity costs.”


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