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Local Food

By Hina Jasim

Chefs in Toronto are gearing their menus to a sustainable trend: locally grown foods.

Bonita Magee, project manager of Get Local, a program from British Colombia brings restaurants and farmers together.

“There’s an odd disconnect with what people are eating and their lack of knowledge of where it’s coming from,” Magee said.

The program has an innovative way of not only encouraging local foods but also showcaseing what Canadian restaurants.

Nutrition Labels

By Hina Jasim

Joanna Mandap, a Nursing student at Ryerson University credits her healthy diet to the new nutrition labels in menus.

“I always notice the nutrition label in menus, that’s the first thing I look for,” Mandap said.

Restaurants in Toronto now have an addition to their menus: a nutrition label. The label is provided in restaurant chains and used for items that are consistent and on the menu regularly. The label showcases nutritional information such as the amount of calories, fat and cholesterol levels for an item on the menu. The labels are being brought on by customers who need nutritional dishes for their diet.

Wild Meats By Nadia Persaud


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