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Cultural Experience

By Yeamrot Taddese

Banchi Kinde excuses herself from a table to greet an Ethiopian Orthodox priest who just walked into her restaurant. He crosses her face three times with a wooden cross and she bows to accept his blessing.

An elderly woman walks out of the kitchen with a fresh, furiously smoky pan of roasted coffee beans.

Guests enjoying injera and wot dinner at Rendezvous Ethiopian restaurant throw out their arms to wave the aromatic smell to their tables.

Kinde returns to her seat, apologizing for frequent, but clearly, welcome interruptions.

Entertainment By Nadia Persaud


By Jessica Lee

Imagine you are visually impaired for a second, and you enter a room. You hear the sound of glasses clinking and people chattering in a small and crowded dining room.At O NOIR, restaurant-goers eat their meals in a pitch-black room. The experience, as claimed by restaurant owner Moe Alameddine, will heighten your other senses so that you can savour and smell the food better.Though the restaurant was labelled by many food critics in Toronto as a “gimmick” when it first opened in 2009, O NOIR has proven it has staying power by continuing to fill its dining hall night after night with new customers.“Here, you’re coming to live an experience, it’s different, you won’t experience it anywhere else,” says Alameddine.

Restaurants versus Street Vendors

By Hina Jasim

Lucy Screnci, a student at Ryerson University, still enjoys the restaurant experience despite the upcoming popularity of street food.

“I definitely eat at a restaurant more than a street vendor! If I have time, I’d rather go to a restaurant,” Screnci said.

Toronto has a variety of places to dine in: restaurants, coffee shops and fast food. Now there’s a new trend coming about and that is street food vendors.  People are now having a hard time in deciding where and what to eat, especially ones in the Downtown area. Despite the vendors having been around for a long time, some are now updating and changing their menus to better serve their customers. This is also because of the impact from street vendors in New York City and Calgary.


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