Kaitlynn Ford

Kaitlynn Ford is a journalism student at the University of Toronto’s joint program with Centennial College. At the University of Toronto, she undertook minors in both Psychology and Studio Art.

Kaitlynn is a multiplatform journalist whose work appears in the Toronto Observer – both in print and online, and in their radio and television platforms.

She co-created and is on the editorial board of Tasting Success Magazine; specializing in website design and layout. Tasting Success is a print and online niche magazine that aims to help restaurant entrepreneurs with their day-to-day business.

With a broad range of journalistic interests, Kaitlynn enjoys writing about sports, fashion, art, psychology, health & fitness, and design & decorating. She enjoys photography, layout, writing – and other creative aspects involved with the production of media such as filming and editing video.

Kaitlynn has been in team environment from a very early age, having participated in hockey, soccer, and basketball teams. She also dabbled in rugby and football – and considered joining a dodgeball team. Having a passion for sports in general, Kaitlynn also participated in solo activities like wakeboarding, snowboarding, waterskiing, track & field and cross country.


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